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The earth provides an abundance of precious nutrients, which is why we are constantly looking at ways to protect and preserve these opportunities for future generations. Our mission is to preserve nature's gifts as much as possible and to turn them into delicious end products. We strive to meet this aim using our integrated network of growing areas, freezing units, storage centres, packaging equipment, appropriate logistics, quality control and a personalised approach to all our customers.

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Our ‘Green Ambition’

We are passionate about People, our Planet and our Products, and we are inspired to maintain all three elements in an optimal state of balance ...

Ardo is proactive in exploring and introducing more sustainable agricultural production methods. We have translated our ambitions into our MIMOSA programme, which stands for Minimum Impact, Maximum Output, Sustainable Agriculture.

20 production, packing & distribution sites in 9 countries

Ardo’s production, packing & distribution sites are located from north to south and from east to west in Europe’s most fertile crop growing regions. The close proximity of our factories to our crops is one of our key strengths and ensures that only minutes are lost between harvest and locking in the product’s natural goodness in our freezers.

Local worldwide approach

Ardo aims to maximise customer satisfaction. This is why we choose to be close to our customers. With sales offices in Europe, the USA, China and beyond, there's always someone from our sales team close to hand.

Our ‘glocal’ approach means we can react more efficiently and anticipate our customers' quickly-developing needs and wants. We keep our finger on the pulse in all markets.


As a dynamic family business, we firmly believe that our employees are our company's driving force. Their knowledge, skills and dedication help us produce and market high-quality products across the globe.  

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Constant innovation &

State-of-the-art technology

Our knowledge throughout the whole chain combined with our flexible approach allows us to satisfy current and adapt to future market needs through innovation, investment and technical excellence. At Ardo, we are always developing new products in response to market needs and trends.
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Quality is the cornerstone of
our corporate strategy

Our objective is to supply our customers with products that meet the highest safety and quality standards. Our production sites are certified in accordance with internationally recognised standards (BRC/IFS), and also comply with strict food safety and HACCP standards.
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