European Edamame in the pod Monday 17 April 2023


The fresh green colour, crunchy texture and sweet taste make Edamame beans in pods an original and nutritious appetiser.

Edamame soy beans mainly come from Asia, but Ardo has developed agrotechnology to grow this treat in Europe, too. Edamame in the pod are grown, harvested, processed and packed at our site in the Marchfeld region of Austria.

We launched the first studies for growing Edamame beans of European origin more than a decade ago. We’ve since grown both Edamame soy beans and Edamame in the pod in Europe for all your culinary needs.

Our process from field to factory has been refined to enable us to grow the best possible pods. The Edamame in the pod are in the field from May to September, and ensuring they have enough irrigation is key during growth. Our cultivation supervisors therefore monitor the fields closely.

The ideal time to harvest Edamame in the pod is determined by visible features such as their fresh green colour, the number of beans in the pod, the tenderometer and more. Once harvested, the pods are freshly frozen at our factory in Austria. Curious to test the end result?

Edamame in the pod Art. code: 10002335 – 10x1kg

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