Cauli power seafood tartare with avocado


Ingredients for 10 appetizers

- 600g Ardo Cauli Power mix
- 15g Ardo Chives
- 15g Ardo Dill
- 75g Ardo Quinoa
- 200g Ardo Avocado halves
- 300g tuna fillet
- 300g grey shrimps
- 1dl olive oil
- 2 limes
- 2dl sour cream
- 100g young lettuce, herb shoots
- Salt and pepper


Milk, Crustaceans, Fish


  1. Crush the avocados and season with olive oil, lime juice, salt and pepper.  
  2. Deep fry the quinoa. Use a point sieve if necessary.  
  3. Cut the tuna into a fine brunoise. 
  4. Steam or bake the Cauli power mix as indicated on the package and mix with the tuna brunoise and shrimps. Finish with olive oil, salt, pepper, lime juice and lime zest.  
  5. Season the sour cream with salt, pepper, dill and chives.  
  6. Fill a presentation ring with a layer of avocado and a layer of tuna tartare.  
  7. Finish with the crispy quinoa and sour cream.  
  8. Garnish with some young lettuce and herb shoots.
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