Chilli sandwich with sweet potato-tahini spread, crispy bacon and tomato


For 4 sandwiches

- 300-400g Ardo Sweet potato mash
- 100g Ardo Oven semi dried tomatoes
- Ardo Spring onions
- 1-2 pinches of Ardo basil
- 1 tablespoon of Ardo garlic
- 2 tablespoons of Tahini
- 12 sliced of crispy bacon
- 40g of purple leaf salad
- 4 Chilli Sandwich buns
- Olive oil extra virgin
- Black pepper
- Lemon juice


Gluten, Sesame


  1. Heat up the sweet potato mash. Puree a pinch of frozen garlic and blend in together with the tahini paste. Season with black pepper, olive oil and lemon juice.
  2. Defrost the semi oven dried tomato segments and season them with salt, black pepper and basil.
  3. Spread the sweet potato mash on the bottom of the sandwich, add purple salad leaves, and top off with crispy bacon slices, the marinated tomato segments and spring onions.
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