Coral bass Mediterranean style


Ingredients (to serve 4):

4 x 160 g coral bass fillets,
120 g Ardo Mediterranean Brunoise vegetables,
400 g Ardo Euro Mix,
500 g Ardo Wild Rice mix,
Ardo8 herbs mix,
Ardo basil,
30 g flour,
1 lemon,
40 g clarified butter,
50 ml olive oil,
salt, pepper


Gluten, Milk, Fish


  1. Marinate the coral bass fillets in salt, pepper and lemon. Coat them in flour and fry in the clarified butter.
  2. Take the fish fillets out of the pan and place in a heated oven.
  3. Allow the Mediterranean Brunoise vegetables to cook a little in some olive oil and season with the 8 herbs mix, salt, pepper and lemon.
  4. Heat up the Wild Rice mix according to the times stated on the pack.
  5. Blanch the Euro Mix vegetables briefly cook in a pan with basil and olive oil. Season everything with salt, pepper and basil.
  6. Place the Euro Mix vegetables and coral bass fillets on the plate, garnish with the Brunoise and serve with the Wild Rice mix.
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