Duck breast with festive mix, Infused coconut sauce & celeriac mash with vadouvan curry


Ingredients (Serves 4)

- 500g Ardo Celeriac puree
- 1 tbls Ardo Ginger
- 2 tbls Ardo Coriander
- 2 tbls Ardo Garlic diced
- 600g Ardo Festive mix
- 1 tbls Ardo Red Chili diced
- 2 medium Duck breasts (Magret de canard)
- Cooking oil
- 2 tbls Chicken stock powder or extract
- 2 tbls Maize starch (Maizena express)
- Coconut cream 500ml
- 100ml Pineapple juice
- 5 Lime leaves
- 5 Lemongrass stalks
- 1 teaspoon Vadouvan powder (mild roasted curry powder)


Celery, Mustard


Sear the duck breast in a non-stick pan. Place in the oven for about 8-10 minutes until nicely pink & tender inside. Allow to rest for +/- 5 min.

Allow ginger/garlic/chili to stew for a few minutes in a pan, deglaze with pineapple juice.
Add lemongrass stalks & lime leaves, concentrated chicken stock with the coconut cream. Bring to boil & simmer for 30 minutes over low fire. Afterwards add the starch until sauce reaches the right consistency. Blend the sauce & sieve trough a very fine strainer. After sieving add some frozen coriander.

Festive mix:
Allow the vegetables to defrost for about 15-20minutes, pour some cooking oil in a pan or teppanyaki grill and pan fry the vegetables. Season with pepper & salt, stir from time to time until golden brown.

Celeriac mash:
Defrost the celeriac mash & add 1 tsp vadouvan curry powder, pepper & salt. Heat up over medium fire.

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