Duo of broccoli- and cauliflower puree, veggie tots and shrimps


Serves 10

500g Cauliflower puree portions Ardo
500g Broccoli puree portions Ardo
1kg Veggie tots Ardo
50g Chives Ardo
250g shrimps
Pea shoots
Vadouvan Indian Spice
salt and pepper




  1. Warm both vegetable purees and season with salt and pepper. Add vadouvan to the cauliflower puree and wasabi to the broccoli puree. Divide the chives over both purees.
  2. Deep fry the veggie tots according the instructions and keep both apart.
  3. Fill the glass jars with cauliflower puree at the bottom. Add some shrimps and finish off with a broccoli tot
  4. Do the same with the broccoli puree. Finish off with a cauliflower tot.
  5. Garnish with the pea shoots.
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