Grilled wrap with camembert and apple


Serve 10

• 600 g Apple sliced Ardo
• 10 g Rosemary Ardo
• 100 g butter
• 10 wraps
• 5 camemberts
• 200 g rucola
• Black pepper
• 300 g Brussels endives
• 2 dl honey & mustard vinaigrette


Gluten, Milk, Mustard


  1. Place the apples into a pan with the butter and rosemary. Slowly cook them over a low heat and allow the apples to caramelize. Preserve 1/3 for the salad
  2. Slice the camemberts.
  3. Wash the rucola.
  4. Make wraps with the apple slices, rucola and camembert.
  5. Place them under the grill just long enough to melt the camembert.
  6. Slice the Brussels endives in julienne, mix them with the honey & mustard dressing and finish the salad with the apples.

Ardo products used in this recipe

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