Thai Cauli power salad with avocado, Smoked salmon and Edamame soya beans.


Ingredients for 10 persons

2kg Ardo Cauli Power Mix
300g Ardo Half avocados
300g Ardo Edamame soya beans
100g Ardo Thai spice mix
600g Smoked salmon
2 tbsp Yoghurt dressing
Salt and pepper
Lemon juice
Olive oil


Soy, Egg, Mustard, Fish


  1. Stir-fry the Cauli Power Mix using 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil and season with salt and pepper (or steam briefly and then season). Allow to cool.
  2. Defrost and dice the avocados.
  3. Steam the Edamame soya beans briefly and allow them to cool.
  4. Mix the Thai herb mix in with the yoghurt dressing and add a little lemon juice.
  5. Mix the Cauli Power Mix with the soya beans and the Thai Yoghurt dressing
  6. Arrange the salmon and avocado on the salad, top with a sprig of coriander.
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