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Ardo has an ambition, we call it our ‘Green Ambition’

We are passionate about People, our Planet and our Products, and
we are inspired to maintain all three elements in an optimal state of balance ...

Corporate Sustainability Report 2022

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We are committed to the frozen vegetable, herb and fruit industry and we do our utmost to make a strong contribution to the sector.
We are confident that the sector’s outlook is bright as a provider of nutritious, affordable products, which will help to assure food security and reduce food waste.
We are determined to play a leading role in sustainability, recognising that we need to confront tomorrow’s issues today.

Sustainability in an integrated value chain


We are aware that everything we create is performed by people and for people, and we believe that our company has a broad social responsibility, with priority to our employees, but also to our surrounding community and society as a whole.


We are working hard to develop truly sustainable ways of growing our crops, by taking a holistic approach that considers the crop’s needs, the activities of our growers and the demands of our customers.


Ardo develops products that are authentic, tasty, natural, attractive, convenient, nutritional and healthy, and that take into account the market needs of our Retail, FoodService and Food Industry partners.

Ardo is proactive in exploring and introducing more sustainable agricultural production methods.

We have translated our ambitions into our MIMOSA programme, which stands for Minimum Impact, Maximum Output, Sustainable Agriculture.

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The European Commission provides 152 million euro from the European Regional Development Fund for the Interreg program 2014-2020. The latter will strengthen and stimulate innovation and sustainable development in border regions via transnational cooperation. Within the Interreg V program Flanders-the Netherlands, a partnership between Flanders and the Netherlands and the 5 Flemish and the 3 southern Dutch provinces resulted in a program to invest in smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Ardo is partner in the Flemish-Dutch Interreg project F2AGRI

F2AGRI literaly means ‘effluent to agriculture’ and aims to realise technical measures to enable the reuse of industrial effluent (treated wastewater) for agricultural purposes.

This project will contribute to sustainable water use with concrete actions to prevent further drying out. As such, climate change is anticipated and the agri- and horticultural sector will be resilient against future water challenges.

In this project we want to reuse of industrial effluent (treated wastewater) for agricultural purposes. More specific in Flanders, Belgium, the vegetable freezing factory of Ardo will put 100 000m³ treated effluent at the disposal of the agricultural sector and the Brewery Bavaria will do the same in The Netherlands with 1,5 million m³ effluent. By putting this water to a good use, this project contributes to a prevention of the negative effects of climate change.

Meanwhile, a buffer basin (150 000 m³) and a pump house have been built in Ardooie. The high-pressure pipeline network is currently being installed. 14 km of pipeline network has already been realized. The remaining 11km will be constructed from May 2019.

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